Saturday, April 15, 2006


In entertainment news, the film "Madagascar" was re-released yesterday, this time under the title "The Wild".

The penguins are not in the re-release, however, due to a bitter conflict with Disney over their auditioning for the rival film, "Ice Age 2". The penguins aren't in that one, either, after it was discovered that one of them is just a cheap knock-off of a 60's cartoon, "Go-Go Gophers".


I read somewhere that Paris Hilton is releasing her own line of make-up.

Really? Does it include a belt sander so she can grind the ugly off her face?

I also did a Google search and her make-up line seems to have fizzled. I know why:

Paris Hilton + make-up = trying to polish a turd.

Paris Hilton WANNABEES + make-up = polishing a turd.

To WANT to be a talentless, vapid, unattractive skank who badly needs a sandwich is just. fucking. pathetic.

This is the American dream for our girls?

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