Friday, April 14, 2006


As the almighty Coop has pointed out, Republicans/Neocons actually LIKE illegal immigration (you'll notice this sneering editorial from the Weakly Lower-Standard).

So, while listening to some 80's hard rock, I started singing "Kiss My Vote Goodbye", to this L.A. Guns song. I decided I was gonna do the Weird Al thing and try my hand at a parody, possibly a little video. Although, the lyrics as they are speak pretty well, so I won't have to do much.

The moment I was inspired to do this, though, I received fundraising requests in the mail from VOLPAC (Bill Frist's organization) and the Dumbass-in-Chief. So I need to acknowledge that in the song.

Any ideers, send 'em or post 'em. Nothing's too lame. TRUST ME!

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